Anza-Borrego Desert: Box Canyon - Coyote Canyon - Lower Willows

Rating *****
length 7.5 mile - 3 hour 40 minutes (Return trip). Moderate.
Elevation 1130 - 2110 feet
Access You may need a higher clearance car and sometimes a 4x4 to get to the gate / trailhead. There is a small parking just before the gate and more just before third crossing.

Nice canyon loop, one of our favorites.

When the main fork turns to the right, another fork goes straight on. (Keep left)
This canyon is more narrow and filled with some small boulders.
Follow the wash, sometimes keeping to the right of it, stepping over some boulders.
The sandy wash levels and goes down again.
Enjoy the easy stroll in the wash, heading down.

Boulders, the wash is full of them.
Nothing difficult, just find the best way down, stepping over and around the boulders. Sometimes sliding, but never difficult.

But you have seen enough boulders for today, when you reach the Coyote canyon wash below.
Turn left (South / West).

Try to stay not too far from the mountain to your left.
Hike in the nice firm wash downstream.

These washes clearly get a fair amount of water.

Willows appear and you can see the palm trees, far away in front of you.

Closer to the palms, you should reach the lower willow trail.
Follow it downhill not to your right.

Grass, willows and water.
It may be a bit muddy on the trail and you have to cross the water a couple of times. Normally not something to worry about.
But sometimes at the end of Winter or early Spring there may be more water, making the Lower Willows trail impossible to hike.

Where you exit the lower willows may vary, depending on recent flooding.
As you exit the Lower Willows trail keep left of the "road".
The 3th Crossing is on your right. The crossing may have plenty of water in it.

Where to park: Just before the summer closure gate, or drive up to third crossing and park just before the crossing. The road up to third crossing varies from very good to very bad.

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