Anza-Borrego Desert: Pumpkin Patch Loop

Rating *****
length 4.5 mile (loop) - 2 hour 15 minutes (Loop, return trip). Easy/moderate.
Elevation 190 - 300 feet
Access You need a 4x4 with some clearance. There is a lot of sand out her, easy to get stuck, this should be the easiest route Drive to this hike

Drive to this hike
The Pumpkin Patch is just outside the park boundary.
That's why the complete area is fenced off.

The Pumpkin Patch is not the best place to hike, so we found a place within the park boundaries. Here you find a lot more similar rocks.

The hike is part cross country and the return route follows a wash.
The terrain is mostly sandy hills, with lots of (deep) washes.

The first part, when the sand hills are less high, the easier route is mostly on top of them.
Here we found, surprisingly the highest concentration of desert lillys,
anywhere in the park.
In the first part of February 2011, we found only one blooming, the rest almost.
The best place for the desert lillys are the smaller washes.

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