Anza-Borrego Desert: Carrizo Canyon - Goat Canyon Trestle

Rating *****
length 8 mile (return) - 6 hour (Return trip). Moderate/Hard (A lot of scrubs, difficult to find your way).
Elevation 1100 - 2200 feet
Access Drive the Carrizo Canyon road, for 6.8 mile. 4x4 only.

A hike up to the Goat Canyon Trestle.

Follow the closed off road down and up the canyon.
Sometimes you find a faint hiking trail.

Watch out for morteros on the left (east) side of the wash, they should be easy to spot.

Soon after the start, you can see the railroad with some small trestles.

Follow the rocky wash into the Mesquite/Tamarisk forest. Suddenly it's blocked, really dense vegetation and water.
At first glance there is no way out, we tried left (east) too many boulders.
I remembered that this is a route in from Mexico, so there should be a way.
Going right (west) proved surprisingly easy.
Hugging the canyon wall, going around boulders, a bit adventurous, but never really difficult.

Rocks, boulders in the wash, making for a slower than expected hike.

Watch out for the two abandoned box cars on the left (east).

Another forest, also passed to the right, but now we where getting the hang of it.

The last one before the Goat Canyon, was passable more in the middle.

We hiked a bit beyond the Goat Canyon on the right, in the hope to get a view from the Trestle, but no luck.

Back to the Goat Canyon.
I didn't have high hopes for us to make it into Goat Canyon.
This proved to be right, nasty steep falls and no Trestle in view.

But I planned an alternative route, back one canyon, infested with boulders and jumping cholla.
Hike up closer to the ridge, surprisingly good hiking, on the sandy/rocky hill.
Almost impossible to avoid an encounter with a jumping cholla.
But you should be able to find a route that avoids most of them.

No Trestle yet, but just over a top, there it was, finally.
This is definitely the best place to spot the Trestle.

As I have problems with heights, it was getting more scary, deep to the right, the goat canyon and somewhat deep on the left.

It's certainly no serious hike up to the road? (not sure what it is) that bypasses the tunnel and up to the Trestle.
But we achieved our goal and it was already a long hike.

We hiked the route from the Mortero Palms, but on that route, you can reach the Trestle only hiking down the dangerous Goat Canyon.
Just about close enough to get a good picture of the Trestle.

I read a hiking book, that they hiked into the Carrizo Canyon. Later on I realized they didn't hike all the way to the Goat Canyon Trestle, but only to get a view of the small trestles.

WARNING: The railroad is in use (2012).
WARNING: Pack tweezers for the jumping cholla, otherwise you may not get them out.
WARNING: This used to be or still is an alternate route into the US.

A more popular but way more difficult route: Alternative route
How to get here;

Drive the Carrizo Canyon road, for 6.8 mile. 4x4 only.

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