Anza-Borrego Desert: Grapevine Loop 2

Rating *****
length 5.5 mile (the loop) - 3 hour (Return trip). Moderate, one slippery scramble uphill.
Elevation 2450 - 3350 feet
Access On Highway 78 mile 74.1, exit Grapevine Canyon. Don't drive too far!

A loop in the Grapevine Canyon, that involves a bit of scrambling and navigating around Mesquites.

At point "park" hike further along the road, to the left you can see the Angelina spring below..

Past the Angelina spring, a road to the left leads towards the spring, don't go there but continue on the road North/West.
After about 100 yards, you reach the canyon entrance, that's not too clear at this point.
Further into the canyon the wash is mostly sandy wash.

At one point the wash is blocked by boulders and scrubs.
Go back a bit and hike up on the south side. (Left as you came up).
This is an easy bypass, that leads back to the wash.

A bit further the canyon wash is almost impossible to follow, just go up the hill a bit to the right (Animal track).
There you will find the sandy wash again.

Once in an open area (bowl), keep left.
At the next fork keep right.

The Pacific Crest Trail crosses the wash. It's sometimes marked with stones across the wash.
Go left and follow the trail, that winds back in the direction you came up.
Follow the PCT up to a fence. Enjoy the view point beyond the fence.
Hike back, pass the fence and hike down into the canyon (East).

This a barren area, it will take time to recover from the fire. Below you will find the wash, follow it all the way.

On the way down a Mesquite barrier "Barrier 1", pass it by hiking left above the wash.
The next Mesquite forest, can be easily passed by staying left in the wash.
The final barrier "Barrier 2" is also bypassed, by going left up the canyon wall.
Go cross country and enter the canyon again as soon as it's possible and you passed the Mesquite.

In 2012 much of the vegetation burned down and as in 2016 it's still clearly visible.

How to get here:

On Highway 78 mile 74.1, exit Grapevine Canyon.
This is mostly a sandy road, a higher clearance car is needed.
Drive up to 4.0 mile from the hwy up to point "Park".
At that point there is a larger no vehicles sign, just in the bend.
Don't drive any further unless you have a 4x4, the road gets a lot more interesting and there is no need to do so anyway.

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