Anza-Borrego Desert: Sin Nombre Slot Loop

Rating *****
length 6.7 mile (loop) - 3 hour, 15 minutes (loop). Moderate (flats with small rocks, lots of washes).
Elevation 670 - 1100 feet
Access From the S2, mile 51.3, take the exit Sin Nombre (signed one side only, coming from San Diego), AWD recommended

Beautiful canyons and a slot.

Hike into the Sin Nombre canyon.
After about a mile, hike into the slot canyon. It's the only narrow canyon at this point (see photo).
An unlikely canyon as it seems to dead end a couple of times.
Unless there was a cave in you should be able to reach the canyon rim.
Hike along the canyon rim / ridge.
At the highest point turn right.
After about 200 yards, find the best spot to hike down into the canyon to the right.
A hiking stick is handy at this point.

Follow the canyon downhill.
You could hike this canyon all the way down and head for the Sin Nombre canyon.
We hiked over, cross country as soon as the canyon walls where low enough.
This way you cross a couple of washes and some rocky terrain.
Shorter but nor easier.

Finding the main Sin Nombre canyon is a bit difficult without a GPS.
It should be the only canyon with a "road".
And it's by far the widest.

How to get here:

From the S2, mile 51.3, take the exit Sin Nombre (signed one side only, coming from San Diego)
Follow the dirt road down, AWD recommended.
Park just before the canyon narrows.
Or drive up to point "Slot", this part of the road is a bit more rocky and more clearance is needed.

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