Anza-Borrego Desert: Angelina Spring

Rating *****
Length 1.2 mile (return) - 30 minutes (return trip). Easy.
Elevation 2460 - 2600 feet
Access Exit grapevine canyon and drive for 4 mile. Any car with some ground clearance.

A small hike along the Angelina Spring.

In 2012 everything in the small canyon burned down.
But in 2013 it's growing back quickly.
In a year or so it may be impossible to follow this trail.

The wild cucumber where really beautiful and you smell them before you see them.
Blooming in march 2013.
In 2015 this area has grown back and this hike may no longer be possible.

How to get here:

Exit grapevine canyon.
Drive for about 4 miles until you reach a bend in the road that turns to the right and uphill.
Don't go any further unless you have a real AWD car.

At first the road is sand but after 4 mile the road turns into something really different.

I wont recommend a street car this far on the road, but some will drive it nonetheless.
Any car with some ground clearance should be able to make it.
Bring a shovel with you, just in case.

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