Anza-Borrego Desert: Henderson Canyon

Rating *****
Length 8 mile (return) - 4 Hour, 5 minutes (return trip). Easy (begin) Moderate (later on).
Elevation 830 - 2350 feet
Access At the end of the Henderson Canyon Road, park at a dirt road that leads through a closed gate.

A beautiful canyon with a marked "trail".

The frequently hiked trail, is well marked with rock cairns and crosses rocky terrain while mostly following the sandy washes.

The hike is easy, close to point "fork" the hike becomes moderate.

The left fork is narrow and more interesting to hike in.
We stopped at point "boulders", where a dry fall and boulders block the way.
I checked it further on, no problem hiking further.
But only for a short while and the boulders are getting way more frequent.
In other words a nice turning point.

A detour of one hour, go north at point "Fork 2" and hike up to "Fork 2 1". Bypass the dry fall at "Fork 2" on the left (West). Along the trail, some dry falls and boulders, but nothing serious.

There are plenty of other detours, e.g. "Fork B" a rather rocky fork and "Fork A" On your way back you may choose to hike a bit cross country, more on the other side of the wash. To spot different flowers in less hiked places.
But only in the flower season. February - April.

2015 had an early flower season, we took a more northerly route up to "fork a", turned South and hiked to "fork b".
The flowering was best in the northern part of the canyon. When flowers are present, try to go out of the wash a bit to look for them.

How to get here:

At the end of the Henderson Canyon Road, take the dirt road that leads through a gate.
Signed "right of passage"
Warning: As of 2021 the gate is closed, maybe permanently. Hiking up the road is allowed adding about 40 minutes to the hike.
The GPS (gpx) route includes the road to hike.

This is a good dirt road with some rocks. Any car should be able to make it most of the way.
You may need some ground clearance to reach the end.
Because of the sculptures, they added a couple of side roads, so it looks like a maze, finding the route that leads into the canyon.

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