Anza-Borrego Desert: Mile 14.3 Pacific Crest Loop

Rating *****
Length 5.7 mile (return) - 2 Hour, 55 minutes (return trip). Moderate.
Elevation 2450 - 3300 feet
Access Park roadside along the highway at mile 14.2.

A nice canyon with a wide variety of flowers.

At mile 14.3 hike uphill, the wash is not very distinct, except for the dike.
Soon it's an easy sandy wash, follow the main canyon all the way.

You can see the pacific crest trail most of the way.

Closer to the pacific crest trail, more scrubs and some small obstacles like small boulders and small dry falls.
At the end turn left and an easy hike up to the trail. At the trail, turn left.

Once up the trail and looking down it looks rather steep downhill.

Follow the crest trail up to a ridge, make sure you don't end up in the same canyon as you came up.
At the ridge, keep on top of the ridge for a while until you can hike downhill into the canyon below.
Try to follow the deer trails, we see them frequently on this hike.

Hike downhill (right) into the small sandy wash and hike back towards the car.

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