Anza-Borrego Desert: Palm Wash Calcite Mine Loop

Rating *****
Length 3.6 mile (return) - 2 Hour, 20 minutes (Round trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 590 - 1110 feet
Access You can park at the entrance of the the Calcite road (any car), or drive up the first fork (AWD).

A most scenic hike with a lot of slot like canyons.

Hike down the road signed Palm Wash.
Turn left into the Palm Wash canyon.
Take the next fork to the right and follow it to the the end.
The end is a boulder blocking the wash.

Hike back and take the first canyon on the right and keep right in the canyon.
This one is fun or difficult depending on the hiker.
It has some dry falls that may be difficult for some hikers.
If you can make it out of the canyon keep on going in the same direction and you should reach an old mining road.

If you can't make it out of this canyon, go back, until you can safely make a scramble uphill on the right.
Keep following the canyon and you should see the end of the canyon quickly.
Follow the mining road towards the calcite mine and look around.

We tried to enter the Palm Wash again without any luck, too steep.

Head back along the road.
As soon as the road crosses a canyon on the same level (that means a canyon where you don't have to scramble downhill), turn left and head back for the car.

How to get here:

You can park at the entrance of the the Calcite road, close to mile 38, in this case add 30 minutes to your trip.
Or you can drive down the road, any AWD car with some ground clearance should be fine.
Drive up the road and park at the first fork.

The road to the right is signed Palm Wash.
Don't drive downhill, unless you have inspected the road.

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