Anza-Borrego Desert: Bittercreek PCT Loop

Rating *****
Length 10.7 mile (return) - 5 Hour (return trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 2000 - 3250 feet
Access Some ground clearance needed, At Hwy 78, mile 74.1, exit into the Grapevine canyon. Follow the good dirt road for 1.9 mile up to the first signed crossing and park

A nice hike up Bittercreek that has a couple of seeps that normally hold some water.

As you come up the wash, notice the tubing on the left, this non functional tube runs to a normally dry spring.
In 2011: There was a lone Cotton Wood tree at the spring above the canyon, now only the dead trunk remains.
The palms are still there and make it easy to spot the spring.

At point "Fork Right" one fork goes for the Grapevine mountain and one to the right (South/West).
A fall may make you think, is this the right way to go? Yes it is, more sand ahead.
Some more dry falls, but nothing too serious.

More or less cross country up to a saddle, on the other side is a rather narrow wash, that is filled with mostly harmless scrubs.
A small dry fall and you end up on the Pacific Crest trail.
Turn right (West) and follow the PCT on a winding path along the mountain. The view is great, the trail runs high along the rather steep canyon wall.

Back in a small canyon and eventually back in Bittercreek.

The 2012 fire drastically changed Bittercreek. Before the fire there were a lot of barriers with trees and scrubs, hard or impossible to pass.
So this is the chance to hike the wash all the way without obstacles.

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