Anza-Borrego Desert: Blow Sand Canyon Loop

Rating *****
Length 3.8 mile (return) - 1 Hour, 40 minutes (return trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 370 - 780 feet
Access Some ground clearance, an 4x4 is highly recommended and needed on the Goat trail.

A most scenic short hike, a loop into narrow canyons made out of rock and sand.
And as a bonus a scenic drive.

Description is from the Goat Trail.

Hike downhill, the sandy wash is getting steeper the further you go.
The fall is easy to pass by going back, turn east and go north until you end up in the same canyon again.

The rest of the way there are a couple of falls that you can slide down, one is 6 feet high.
Explore the numerous forks.

Around the hill you get into the Blow Sand Canyon, follow the road uphill.
Keep left or right of the fence, it doesn't really matter.

Further on take the left fork away from the road, some small canyons take you all the way to the saddle.
You will encounter some small boulders and a short scramble (in sand) out of the canyon.
The visitor centre / Ranger station is close by, below to the south.

Follow the road more or less towards the car.

Back at the car drive further on the road, up to the next crossing and drive left (north), downhill.
Have fun driving downhill in the sand.
As you meet the San San Felipe Wash, turn left and at the next crossing turn left on the signed Butte Pass going south.

How to get to the trail head:

Take the signed exit Butte Pass. On the next signed exit, turn right Butte Pass.

Warning: Once committed on the Goat trail there is no turning back, at least turning back is a lot more difficult, as you have to drive up a steep slippery road.

If you have a 4x4 turn right on the Goat trail, the difficult parts in going downhill, that's a good thing.
In 2015 some deeper waves are forming in the downhill part, that may challenge your ground clearance.
So check out the road condition at the visitor center, before you make this trip.
Park at point "park" or dry a bit further close to the crossing where there is more room for parking.

If you don't have a 4x4:

At the crossing with the Goat trail keep on going downhill, pass the Hawk canyon on the left and keep on going downhill.

As soon as you get in the San Felipe wash, turn right and again take the first signed road on the right, that's the Blow Sand canyon, park somewhere along the trail.

Without a 4x4 or AWD there is always a risk of getting stuck in the sand.

Disclaimer: Read this first before you start your hike. Contact: info/at/borregohiking/./com (leave out the /)
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