Anza-Borrego Desert: Clark Valley Pictographs

Rating *****
Length 4.4 mile (return) - 2 Hour (return trip). Easy.
Elevation 850 - 1050 feet
Access Sometimes all cars, on the S 22, close to mile 26, take the Rockhouse Canyon TL. and park after 6.8 Mile.

At the roadside parking (unmarked) head North cross country.
There normally isn't any trail leading this way, the hiking is on firm sand with some scrubs, excellent terrain to go cross country.

Head for the canyon in the middle of the first picture.
Just left of the canyon you can see a small hill, this is point Corp[se] on some maps.

The huge Palo Verde is also a good marker, keep right (East) of it.
The Pictographs are at the foot of the hill and a you can see some on the rocks above.

It takes you about half an hour to get there.
No need to go up the hill, there isn't anything but boulders.

On the route I marked some washes, they are no obstacle whatsoever, just for reference.

How to get here:

The road starts out as asphalt but turns into a wide dirt road, gravel road and a sandy road.
Keep in the west of the valley.
The only obstacle is at the quarry where the road crosses the dry lake.
This is a short crossing but can be an obstacle, even weeks after rain.
You can sink into the mud real deep, so be cautious.

In Early March 2014 the road was excellent and the lake bone dry.
The road is gravel, a bit uncomfortable to drive on, but it shouldn't be a problem for any car to drive on. But road conditions can change.
Don't drive too far unless you have a 4x4, because of the soft sand further on.

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