Anza-Borrego Desert: Culp Valley - Bubbling Spring - Wilson Trail

Rating *****
Length 8.5 mile (return) - 4 Hour, 45 minutes (return trip). Moderate.
Elevation 2960 - 4460 feet
Access On the Montezuma, close to mile: 10.5 Just after the road becomes a 2/3 way road, in the bend. Take the dirt road left (West) signed "(old) Culp Valley". Park as soon as you find a spot to park.

Start hiking South, towards a gap in the hill in front of you.
Next hike South/West up the wide wash.
The wash narrows and is filled with some boulders, not too much effort to go around them.

At the first fork, turn more South on a wash that has the most of the boulders.
It's way better than it looks, boulders in the area are filled with sand.
Avoid any rocky wash and go higher up.

There is probably hardly any water in the bubbling spring ever. It was completely dry at the end of March.

Keep on going South following some faint washes, eventually you end up at the Wilson trail, but make sure not to miss it.
Follow the Wilson trail East.

As the trail/road dips into a wash, turn North in a sandy wash.
This part of the hike is steeper and filled with more boulders, avoid the boulder parts by going out of the wash.

Head North/West towards the car, avoid ending up in the steeper canyon towards Middle spring.

Because of the fire in 2012 the plants are exceptionally big and the scenery changed, but everything is growing back strong.
The upside of the fire; the wash is easy to hike, not many obstacles.

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Hiking the Borrego Springs Area (Anza-Borrego Desert State Park) California, Hike with gps, gpx and kml (Google Earth).

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