Anza-Borrego Desert: Domelands wind caves Loop

Rating *****
Length 8 mile (return) - 4 Hour (return trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 770 - 1600 feet
Access Take the road marked 093, Close to mile: 57.2

Visit the stunning Domelands canyons and wind caves.

At the parking, hike North up an old jeep trail.
Turn right into the first canyon on the right, going east.

After about 2500 feet, you end up at a canyon rather steep below.
There should be a trail that leads easily into the canyon.

The canyon alone is worth the trip, really stunning.
There are only minor obstacles in the canyon wash.
Watch for the wind caves on the left (top) of the mountain.

Once out of the rocky canyon, watch for cairns and a trail leading up over the ridge of a mud hill.
This is point "Up".

Hike up the mud hill and look for a trail leading to the north.
The trail turns west up a wash with slick rocks, sand and some small sand caves.
Follow this canyon, in or on the bank.
Eventually you should see a good hiking trail leading further up the hill.

This fairly good trail leads up to the wind caves.
On the other side close to the top, the trail heads west and goes downhill.

The trail back to the car is more difficult to find, the trail back winds in a narrow canyon, that doesn't improve your orientation.
There are no markers and footprints lead in all directions.

Shell reef: In the narrow canyon notice the huge blocks of shell reef (oysters).
Beyond point "Up" you go up the reef plate, look for fossils, but don't disturb or take out anything.


There are no markings on this trail it's easy to get lost without any navigational aids.

How to get here:

Take the road marked 093.
Close mile: 57.2
The dirt road is good, you need a bit of ground clearance
Drive for about 2 miles.

Bring your ID along, you pass a border patrol checkpoint.

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