Anza-Borrego Desert: Granite Mountain Peak

Rating *****
Length 9.6 mile (return) - 6 Hour, 45 minutes (return trip). Moderate/Hard.
Elevation 2600 - 5650 feet
Access All cars, take the unmarked park road (West) close to mile 21.5
A hike up to the Peak of Granite Mountain.
At the end of the road, head into the canyon, also known as Cool Canyon.

The canyon is sandy with some small dry falls, all in all an easy warming up.

Fork right, left and a vertical dry fall.
At that point head south in a small stream, up to the ridge.

Head West toward the ridge/saddle.

On our route we planned to go around the first peak.
Not too comfortable, small boulders and finding a way around them.

The left side of the second peak looked most promising to get up.
Plenty of sand and some rocks and the occasional boulder.

Once at the second peak, follow the ridge.
Another small peak and finally you are able to see the highest peak.

The last part up to the peak is more difficult, larger boulders with a little bit of climbing.

Nothing much to see on the actual peak, 3 markers and a cache.
Great views of the other peaks, grapevine and whale.

Head back the same way you came.
At point "Peak 2" the route over the first peak looked more promising than the way we came up.

The route down the first peak, over the ridge, is a bit steeper and filled with larger boulders.
Seems to be more difficult to get up this way.

A lot of sand going down, so sometimes sliding is the way to go.

We went down in a more southern canyon.
Encountering one larger dry fall, that we had to go around and a couple of smaller falls.
So all in all this route is more difficult than the one we came up on.

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