Anza-Borrego Desert: Grapevine loop 3

Rating *****
Length 4.9 mile (return) - 3 Hour, 55 minutes (the loop). Moderate/Steep.
Elevation 2600 - 3840 feet
Access On Highway 78 mile 74.1, exit Grapevine Canyon.

Start hiking West, try finding the wash that runs parallel to the road (North).
Enter the second canyon on the left heading South/West.

At first glance this canyon doesn't look that accessible, but it's actually a nice small sandy wash, easy to hike in.

Only when we near the top of the hill, the wash gets too narrow to hike in.
The hike gets more difficult, as we go up more steeply, the terrain is sandy, so it's not too bad.

Close to the ridge, the vegetation gets more dense.

South of the ridge you enter the burned area (2012).
Hike down following a ridge, it's rather steep, so bring a hiking stick along.

Follow the wash all the way down towards the car, on the way encountering some boulders ad some dry falls.

How to get here:

On Highway 78 mile 74.1, exit Grapevine Canyon.
Drive up to 4.0 mile from the hwy.
At that point there is a larger no vehicles sign, just in the bend.
Don't drive any further unless you have a 4x4, the road gets a lot more interesting.
In a 4x4 drive up to the exit "Angelina spring" and park.
Otherwise hike up to this point.

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