Anza-Borrego Desert: June - Arroyo Hueso and Tapiado Loop

Rating *****
Length 4.8 mile (return) - 2 Hour, 25 minutes (return trip). Easy.
Elevation 1300 - 1760 feet
Access Mile 41.5, signed June Wash, the "road" is good, but you need some ground clearance. Some soft sand mostly at the start of the wash. An AWD may sometimes be needed.

A loop following 3 different washes, with great views and steep canyons.

Start hiking where the road ends and keep going in the same direction.
Find the best spot to cross over to the wash on the other side.
We hiked a bit South of the end, up the West wall.

Follow the ridge until you can see the wash North.
This wash is a fork of the Arroyo Tapiado.

You reach the road in the main Tapiado canyon and at point out we crossed over easily to the Arroyo Hueso.

These are stunning steep sandstone canyons.
At point "Fork" we found a good spot to head in the direction of the June Wash.

Eventually you end up in the June wash and head back for the car.

Make sure you have a GPS or a detailed map and a good sense of direction.
It's easy to end up someplace else, far far away from the car.

The hike is easy, except for the short scramble at the start, to get out of the June wash.

How to get here:

Exit Mile 41.5, signed June Wash, the "road" is good, but some ground clearance is needed.
There may be soft sand, mostly at the start of the "road". An AWD is advised an may be needed.

Drive for 2.5 mile and keep right (east) as the road forks.
Recently there is a wilderness boundary sign (2021), so you might have the walk the road to pick up the trail.
After another 1.2 mile the road ends.

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