Anza-Borrego Desert: Marshal South - Ghost Mountain

Rating *****
Length 2.5 mile (return) - 1 Hour (return trip). Easy.
Elevation 2780 - 3430 feet
Access Take the exit Blair Valley and follow the dirt road, direction Morteros / Marshal South. The road should be fine for all cars most of the time. There is some soft sand next to the road.

At the parking follow the signed trail.
A short trail leads up to the home. Trail is easy but has an elevation gain of about 650 feet.

There isn't much left of the house.

You might want to consider going to the peak, it's close by, but there isn't any trail.

Small rocks, scrubs and other plants that want to attack you, make it less easy to get to the peak.
The peak of Ghost mountain (Yaquitepec) isn't very spectacular.

The peak is probably on top of the boulder.
Best to go back the way you came.

We decided to go down at the peak. But this route is a bit steeper and you will encounter some boulders.

Hiking time:
Less than 1 hour (return) up to the house.
Add half an hour or more for the peak.

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