Anza-Borrego Desert: Old Kane Mile 1.7 Loop

Rating *****
Length 9 mile (return) - 6 Hour (return trip). Hard.
Elevation 400 - 2200 feet
Access Drive the Old Kane Road for about 1.4 Mile. Turn left (South) on a wash road. Deep sand so an AWD is highly recommended from this point on. Drive for about 0.4 Mile.

A lot of boulders, that sums up the loop in these canyons.

The canyon is hidden behind the red boulder hill.
The return canyon is the one with the huge amount of boulders.

Start hiking left of the hill and you will end up in the main canyon.
Some sand at the start of the hike, but expect more and more rocks and boulders.

Cross over a small saddle and a boulder rich hike up to the return canyon.

The return canyon is filled with more and steeper boulders.

The boulders are not too bad, but they keep on coming, no easy stretches to relax.


At the end of the wash there is an area they use as a firing range.
They shoot from the side into the canyon, so make enough noise and be visible, to let anyone know your are there.

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