Anza-Borrego Desert: Smuggler Canyon - Bisnaga Alta Wash

Rating *****
Length 7 mile (return) - 3 Hour (return trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 1450 - 2500 feet
Access Close to mile 36, at the blue litter removal 2 mile sign, park roadside.

The Smuggler Canyon wash is wide and not obvious. A lot of small streams coming from the general direction.

Start hiking North towards a faint saddle far away.

Gradually the canyon walls appear and the wash is more clear to follow.
The first half of the hike is easy in a mostly sandy wash.

As the sandy wash more or less ends in a wide boulder rich area, actually more like a fork,
start hiking East and later North East, staying in the boulder rich wash that ends up in the Bisnaga Alta Wash. This part is rated moderate, because of the small boulders and scrubs encountered.
Still there is enough sand to make the hike a little bit easier.

You can see the sandy North Wall of the Bisnaga Alta Wash, head that way.
The shortest route is across a boulder field, about 100 yards wide, some may find this a nasty stretch. The trick is to hop over the boulders and not to fall in.

Once in the Bisnaga Alta Wash hike downhill (South).

This wash is very different from the Smuggler, sand with some small rocks and boulders, making is a more difficult hike down.

Follow the wash all the way down.
Cross he highway and hike west following the wide wash, until you reach the car.

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