Anza-Borrego Desert: The Slot Cascade Loop

Rating *****
Length 3.8 mile (return) - 1 Hour, 55 minutes (return trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 550 - 940 feet
Access All cars, most of the time. Take the dirt road marked butte pass and follow it up to the slot.

The hike is easy and at one point moderate.

At the parking go down into the slot (North).
The best place to enter is slightly to the right.

Follow the narrow sand slot up to a fork on the right.
That fork that runs parallel to the "The slot".

The first fork going west stops at a drop.
The second one turns into a nice slick rock cascade.

Lots of holes and at first glance it looks more difficult, than it actually is.
It's even easy to come down on the slick rock.

As we are almost in the Borrego Mountain wash, turn right on a wash that runs almost parallel to the Borrego Mountain wash

At point Xing again close to the "road" follow the larger wash up.

We took a left fork and encountered a small obstacle at "Fall up".
Someone may have to pull you up the dry fall.
I think the right fork is easier, at least it looks that way from above. Wider and it ends close by.

The trail over the ridge is on the left (north) and we meet the trail at point "Trail"

Take the right trail back toward the car.

All in all the best loop around "The Slot" we found so far.

How to get here:

Take the marked dirt road "Butte Pass" at the next marked crossing continue towards "The Slot".

The dirt road is OK for all cars most of the time. There is some sand on the road. So don't get stuck at the parking.

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