Anza-Borrego Desert: Arroyo Salado North Fork Mile 36.9

Rating *****
Length 1.5 mile (return) - 45 minutes (return trip). Easy.
Elevation 740 - 830 feet
Access All cars, from the asphalt on Hwy 22, park at Mile 36.9, west of the wash.

A nice hike in narrow canyons, typical hike in the Truckhaven area.

West of the wash, you find a trail leading into the wash below.
The fork is on the east side of the wash, blocked by a small cat claw.
This unlikely small canyon is an nice example of the washes out here.
Offers a nice narrow canyon, some slick rock and great views of the mountain in front of you.
An easy hike with mostly sand, some slick rock and an occasional rock.

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