Anza-Borrego Desert: Bitter Creek Loop

Rating *****
length 8 Mile, 4 hour, 5 minutes (Return trip). Moderate. With a rather steep stretch downhill.
Elevation 1950 - 3400 feet
Access At Hwy 78, mile 74.1, exit into the Grapevine canyon.

An interesting loop into Bitter Creek Forks.

The 2012 fire changed this hike considerably. This is the old description: Bitter creek loop before the fire

Follow the wash up, at the first fork, keep in the main wash and you might want to take a look at the spring to the left.

Follow the main wash up to point "Fall" a nice dry fall, a bit of an obstacle.
At the next fork "Fork Right 2" keep right.

We cross the old fence a couple of times, the fence doesn't mean you leave the park.

As we reach the ridge, things get more interesting, head North close to the ridge line.
Crossing the fence again, go rather steep down, just below a saddle.

The following wash down is steep and rather long, we hiked down left (North) of the wash.

In 2015 one Mesquite Barrier is back in business, more will undoubtedly follow.

The hike is marked Moderate and is a bit adventurous, as we go cross country over a ridge and come down in a rather steep boulder wash.

In 2012 a fire destroyed much of the vegetation, but it's growing back strong, so expect more Mesquite/Catclaw barriers in years to come.

How to get here:

At Hwy 78, mile 74.1, exit into the Grapevine canyon, drive for 1.9 mile, disregard a branch to the left to a small parking (Grapevine Summit Parking).
The road is a sand road, but good, you need some ground clearance.
Park just before the crossing, Grapevine / Yaqui Well.

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