Anza-Borrego Desert: Cool Canyon Loop 2

Rating *****
Length 3.5 mile (return) - 2 Hour, 50 minutes (return trip). Moderate.
Elevation 2600 - 3500 feet
Access All cars, take the unmarked park road (West) close to mile 21.5.

Hiking in Cool Canyon, a more narrow canyon, that gets plenty of shade.

The canyon is filled with sand and there are numerous dry falls.
Most of them are slightly angled and easy to get up.
At "fork 1" turn South in a narrower canyon filled with some boulders.
Up to this point the hike was relatively easy, from now on small dry falls, scrubs and rougher terrain.
Close to the point where the wash is getting pretty steep, turn North out of the wash and go over the ridge.
It's easy to get down into the next wash.

Warning this wash has some rather steep falls, so watch out.
Most of these falls you want to bypass, not impossible to go down, but why take the risk.
You most definitely want some hiking sticks on this part.
Eventually you will end up at "Fork 2" and head back to the car.

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