Anza-Borrego Desert: Pena Springs - Hellhole Canyon Ridge

Rating *****
Length 5.2 mile (loop) - 4 Hour, 15 minutes (loop). Moderate.
Elevation 3350 - 4920 feet
Access High clearance, Culp valley camp -> Pena Springs

This hike is a beautiful loop going up the hellhole canyon fork along Pena Springs and looping back over the ridge that separates it from another fork.
Pena Springs has some running water and at least some seeps.
Follow the denser vegetation up into the canyon heading west.

The vegetation looks denser than it actually is, but it's still finding your way around them.
Going up a steeper boulder rich canyon, but it's filled in with sand, making hiking a lot easier.
Not too complicated to loosely follow the wash. But much depends on your boulder navigation skills.

Soon less steep and more and more sand, the wash winds up to the ridge. The last part up to the ridge is steeper again.

The route more or less follows the ridge all the way back. The hiking is surprisingly easy, if you follow the right route.
A lot of animal trails double as excellent hiking trails.
The vegetation is rather divers as we cross a number of climate zones.

This isn't a casual hike, not too difficult but you need a navigation aid with an elevation map. Expect lots of rocks and boulders.

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