Anza-Borrego Desert: Sin Nombre Slot Loop 2

Rating *****
length 7 mile (loop) - 3 hour, 35 minutes (loop). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 670 - 1400 feet
Access All cars, on the S2, close to mile 51.3, watch out for deep sand while parking.

Beautiful canyons and a slot.

At the signed Sin Nombre road, hike or park about 200 yards North/West.
Hike along the ridge, there may be and probably are tire tracks for a short while on the ridge, do not drive there, but park close to the asphalt.

Follow a faint trail over the ridge going North, keep North/East and enter the small and rocky wash.
A typical start of a canyon/wash rather rocky, but this lasts only for minutes and gradually turns into a nice sandy wash.
Notice the green Carrizo creek far away.

You can hike all the way out and enter the main Sin Nombre canyon.
But we hiked a small sandy wash up South/East and turning North again in a wash that runs in between.
This wash will enter Sin Nombre canyon.
It's hard to tell what's the main canyon, a car once in a while is the best indicator.

Keep more to the west of the canyon avoiding most of the roads.
The slot is obvious at the right side of the canyon wall, it used to be completely closed for cars, but somehow they always find a way.
The drive in is only for a few yards, a nice place for a camp, mostly making an illegal campfire, metal container only.

There are usually some cave-ins in the canyon, so make your way over the soft boulders.
The narrow slot canyon winds up the mountain wall, changing slightly every time we visit, sometimes tunneling a bit
Unless there was a cave-in you should be able to reach the canyon rim, without too much trouble.
Hike along the sometimes very steep canyon rim, on a clearly defined and excellent trail.

Closer to the peak, the trail fades away. Basically aim for the highest point.
On top the trail resumes on the South/West side, but make sure you pick up the right route on the rather wide ridge.
Another much smaller peak, hike around it or go over.
This completes the loop.

How to get here:

From the S2, mile 51.3, take the exit Sin Nombre (maybe signed one side only, coming from San Diego) but don't drive down, but park. (4x4 only)
Or even better, hike or park about 200 yards North/West along the road.
Watch out for deep sand while parking and do not follow any faint road or block the road.

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