Anza-Borrego Desert: The Thimble Peak

Rating *****
Length 7.8 mile (return) - 4 Hour, 45 Minutes (return trip). Moderate/Hard.
Elevation 4050 - 5660 feet
Access All cars, On the S22 (Montezuma valley road), between marker Mile 7 and 7.5 park close to the entrance of the signed Jasper Trail.

This hike takes you close to the Thimble peak a highly recognizable peak.

The terrain is boulders, filled with sand and scrubs (no nasty scrubs).
The first destination is Chimney rock, that is the border of the park.
The trail stays in the park boundaries even though we will cross one old barb wire fence.
Go up the ridge as this is the only way to avoid the boulders that came tumbling down from the ridge.
The fence makes a left turn (West) follow it and cross an other fence where it is on the ground.

An old dirt road goes steeply up Thimble Peak. The best place to be is our return route that leads more easterly and avoids most of the boulders.
The peak is a huge block of granitic rock. You need some rock climbing skills to get to the actual peak.
On our way back we took a more easterly path, not much better than coming in.
Do not underestimate this trip, not a casual hike, it's long, goes up and down avoiding boulders and scrubs.

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