Anza-Borrego Desert: Third Crossing Wash Loop

Rating *****
length 4.7 mile (the loop) - 2 hour, 30 minutes (Return trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 1040 - 1330 feet
Access Most cars up to first crossing, after that high clearance preferred.

This hike loops into two West forks of the Lower Coyote Canyon.
A nice loop in the flower season, generally February - April.

The hike follows sandy washes, firm as long as horses didn't break the upper layer.
After point "Fork" some rocky terrain, while crossing over from one wash to another, but all in all the terrain is pretty easy to hike.
The first detour into a South Fork, plenty of small boulders, not recommended.
After entering the Third Crossing Wash, a more interesting detour is going up at point "Explore" and hike up the rather sandy wash, until it gets too rocky.

Now follow the sandy wash down towards Coyote creek.
Once close to the creek, you are almost at Third Crossing, now follow the creek down towards Second crossing.
Conditions vary a lot from year to year, you should be able to follow the creek left or right (if it's possible to cross it).
Past Second crossing head cross country, back towards the car.

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