Anza-Borrego Desert: West of June Wash Loop

Rating *****
Length 10 mile (return) - 4 Hour (return trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 1080 - 2250 feet
Access All cars, park roadside.

Nice washes in an area similar to the Palisades, not too far from here in fish creek.
This hike will be hard to follow without a GPS.

We hiked all the way up a really easy sandy wash, with pretty sand formations closer to the end.
You could call this an Ironwood wash as it is dotted with them all the way, they seem to like this particular wash.
As the wash get filled with some small boulders and you see a small reddish sand band in front of you, it's time to move East to the next wash, at point "over".
The only obstacles are the jumping cholla.
Over the top, a bit steeper down on a gravel stretch, where a hiking polo would be nice to have.
Follow the wash down up to point Fork Left, where we turn North and find a ridge to go up the East wall. This is a short scramble and more cholla at point "Over 2".

There is just enough space left between the cholla for a safe hike.
The wash is narrow at first but will get wider soon, follow the nice sandy wash all the way down, towards the car.

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Hiking the Borrego Springs Area (Anza-Borrego Desert State Park) California, Hike with gps, gpx and kml (Google Earth).

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