Anza-Borrego Desert: Yaqui Ridge Peak

Rating *****
Length 7.5 mile (return) - 3 Hour, 45 minutes (return trip). Moderate.
Elevation 1650 - 3420 feet
Access All Cars, Park on the Yaqui pass.

This hike leads all the way up the Yaqui ridge peak, with great views.

Hike downhill in the wash parallel to the road.
After about 300 yards, take the first wash going west.

This is a small wash, with some small boulder passages and dry falls.
The wash is filled with some boulders at the start, probably the reason why it is hardly ever visited.
The wash isn't much of an obstacle and once it gets narrow, not too long after a waterfall, go to the left (South) side of the canyon and hike to the ridge.

Now follow the ridge, all the way to the peak, this will take just under 2 hours.
The ridge is rather wide and most of the time the best place to hike.

Once on the peak, you may decide to check out the water capture not too far from here in the West.
Going further the area is a bit more infested with Agave and Cacti as it was up to now, but there is still room for a hiker.

The area has a healthy population of Jumping Cholla and Agave, so be careful and prepared.

All the way to the capture:
Length 8.8 mile (return) - 4 hour 30 minutes (return trip).

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