Anza-Borrego Desert: Gert Wash Loop

Rating *****
Length 13.8 mile (return) - 5 Hour, 30 minutes (return trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 600 - 890 feet
Access Exit Palm Spring, you need some ground clearance. Sometimes soft sand, so drive carefully if you don't have an AWD. May be difficult after rain.

This hike takes you to the Gert wash and explores a couple of smaller forks.
From the Vallecito wash hike north up a high walled sand / sandstone wash, this routes winds easily up to the South Mesa, only the last couple of feet involves an easy scramble up to the mesa.
Head north to find the faint beginning of the Gert Wash.
On the way back we tried to find another way down but didn't succeed, too many steep drops.

Another good name for this loop is the "Big galetta loop".

The Carrizo Impact Area has been in use until 1959. it is a closed off area with unexploded ordnance. Sometimes buried deep in the sand.
The hike is within the Park Boundaries and just outside the impact area, but don't stray off to the East and stay within San Diego county.

How to get here:

The easiest route is to take the exit Palm Spring and drive the Vallecito Wash.
There may be soft sand and ground clearance may be needed, so drive carefully if you don't have an AWD (not recommended).
After 5.8 mile, you meet the marked exit Arroyo Seco del Diablo going North, drive on to point "Park".


Other routes:
The Great overland route may seem nice on the map, and it is for the first mile or so.
After that the soft sand may be deep, for only a short stretch, but more than enough to get you bogged down.

The South Carrizo creek is also a good road to drive. But you need more ground clearance and it may be very muddy after rain.

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