Anza-Borrego Desert: Carrizo Canyon south fork palm grove

Rating *****
length 6 mile (round trip) - 4 hour (round trip). Moderate.
Elevation 1115 - 1800 feet
Access High clearance 4x4, See below.

A hike up the Carrizo Canyon south palm fork.
The Carrizo Canyon is filled with palm trees, this fork shows as 'palm grove' on the topo map.

At the end of the road, hike further along the barred road,
Basically follow the wash (creek) up to the second fork on the right, just when the rail road tracks are visible on the left, high up the canyon wall.
Notice the palm grove on the left, way up the canyon wall.

Follow the obvious canyon, notice the Tamarisk removal effort, that makes the hike a lot easier.
Much of the Tamarisk growth is and burned, unfortunately the Tamarisk is starting the grow back.

After a good rain, there may be water flowing in the main Carrizo Canyon, in this case you have to cross water numerous times.

How to get here:
Take the signed exit Carrizo wash, close to mile 48.5. Drive the wash road for about 6.7 mile (40 minutes), after 4.3 mile, the road dips into the wash and branches off on the left (dead end).
Keep right and keep on driving, the road gets noticeable rockier and challenges our ground clearance. (Subaru Forester)

Don't underestimate this road it's extremely rocky and will be close or beyond ground clearance of most SUV's.
When in doubt walk the difficult parts first, to check for obstacles, it may be hard if not impossible to turn around in many places.

Disclaimer: Read this first before you start your hike. Contact: info/at/borregohiking/./com (leave out the /)
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