Anza-Borrego Desert: Lower Willows Salvador Canyon Middle Willows

Rating *****
Length 14 mile (Loop) - 6 hour, 20 minutes, Moderate.
Elevation 1170 - 2280 feet
Access 4x4 see below

This hike visits Lower Willows, Salvador Canyon, Yucca valley and Middle Willows.
The route is mostly cross country, except for parts of Lower and Middle Willow where there is a trail.
From Lower Willows head for Salvador Canyon, that can be seen while leaving Lower Willow. The first part is unpleasantly, with plenty of loose sand, as this part doubles as a horse trail.

At the crossroad Salvador Canyon and Middle Willows, follow the dirt road up to Salvador Canyon, go cross country up to the main canyon wash.
Next head north up a small rocky drainage, leaving Salvador Canyon, a short stretch with rocks and small boulders. Keep on heading north towards a saddle, than enter the sandy wash into Yucca Valley.

Down Yucca valley is easy on a barely visible old dirt/wash road.
Around the mesquite barrier of Middle Willows, picking up the barely marked trail into Middle Willow.
The trail follows the creek bed, with running water, most of the time. Be prepare to get your feet wet.

How to get here:

Drive diGiorgio north up to third crossing, park just before third crossing.
Generally a high clearance car can drive up to the trailhead.
Normally there is water at second crossing, so this is a wet crossing.

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