Anza-Borrego Desert: Pct Angelina spring to Grapevine Canyon

Rating *****
Length 8.4 mile (One way) - 4 hour, 30 minutes, Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 2490 - 3480 feet
Access See below.

A hike along the PCT from Angelina Springs further up Grapevine Canyon.
Just past Angelina Spring enter a small wash and follow it all the way up to the PCT.
There is one obstacle in the form of a dry fall, that also involves passing some scrubs.

Once on the PCT the trail is easy winding along the crest.
At a 3 way crossing marked "Water/H2O" exit the PCT.

Now make sure NOT to continue on the dirt road as you will enter private property.
The Cistern on private property has plenty of water, NOT recommended for drinking without filtering.

The points b1-b7 show the Private Boundary, stay clear of Private property. (running from b1.b2.b3.b4.b5.b6.b7)
Going around the private property adds about 1/2 hour, more or less cross country, avoiding mostly Adenostoma fasciculatum | Chamise a rather harmless, but fast growing scrub.

How to get back:
The easiest way is by bike, going all the way downhill in about 15 minutes, or by car shuttle.
Another option is hiking back along the dirt road, that would take at least an hour.

How to get here:
To the start of the hike, take the exit Grapevine Canyon (on the S22 close to mile 2,).
Along the road you will encounter posted signs even on the road, as far as we know it is allowed to drive this dirt road as long as you stay on it.
Follow the main dirt road, more or less along the power lines.

From Borrego Springs a shorter and better route is taking the Old Wilson Rd just outside the park boundary.
As the road ends turn left (South).

Another more difficult route is from the 78 into Grapevine Canyon. There is one serious obstacle close to Angelina Spring, that can only be bypasses by a good high clearance 4x4.

On all routes a high clearance vehicle is required (4x4 highly recommended).

Disclaimer: Read this first before you start your hike. Contact: info/at/borregohiking/./com (leave out the /)
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