Anza-Borrego Desert: Tarantula wash San Felipe creek loop

Rating *****
length 9 mile - 4 hour, 30 minutes (Loop). Easy.
Elevation -90 - 15 feet
Access All cars, See below.

A loop down Tarantula wash and back along the San Felipe creek
The south part of the route is part of the San Sebastian Marsh.

Follow the wide Tarantula wash south, the wash is wide enough to keep clear of the wash road.
Tamarisk is an indicator of a salty wet area, and the march is infected by the highly invasive scrubs.
The point where the Tarantual wash meets the San Felipe creek isn't that obvious, Tamarish are an indicator.
Keep on the north side of the wash/creek as it will be impossible to cross furhter on.
Head back in and along the San Felipe creek and it's forks back towards the car.

Crossing any wet part of the wash/creek may be dangerous, step in carefully as you can sink in easily and deep.

How to get here:

Park roadside at the start of the Tarantula wash (signed at the north side of road).
The route can be shortened by driving the Poleline road south, a bit further east, next to a substation.
Park in between point "Boundary" and "Road".
Another option is to drive the Tarantula wash road south and start the hike from there.

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