Anza-Borrego Desert: Bow Willow Palms

Rating *****
length 8.7 Mile - 4 hour (Round trip), Easy/Hard.
Elevation 990 - 1680 feet
Access All cars.

A hike up to hidden palms in the main Bow Willow wash.

Start hiking North/West and follow the wide sandy main Bow Willow wash.

A couple of dead and young palms will appear further in the wash.
Palms keep mainly hidden until 500 yards from point fork.
This north fork from the direction Sombrero peak, gives an even better perspective
The main fork continues and more palms and especially huge boulders will show up if you plan on continuing in the main fork.

The first part of the hike is easy, depending on the number of hikers the wash may become soft, this will make the hike a lot more strenuous.
Further in the wash is blocked by scrubs and going around it is moderate.
Closer to point fork, huge boulders and sometimes a creek make hiking a lot more complicated.

A longer version from Sombrero peak.

How to get there:

At mile 48.2 turn to Bow Willow campground, on an excellent dirt road, with occasionally soft sand.
After about 1.7 Mile, park at the end of the campground at the daytime parking, before the brown logs.
There is a daytime parking fee. ($5 in 2018)

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