Anza-Borrego Desert: Box Canyon second fork loop

Rating *****
Length 8.3 mile (Round trip) - 4 Hour, 45 minutes (Round trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 1180 - 2640 feet
Access Some ground clearance, park at Third Crossing.

The hike starts on the right hand side of Lower Willows.
Hike along the hiking trail until it meets Box Canyon on the right (North).
Now follow the Box Canyon wash, that's slightly rocky from the start.

Some boulders and a small dry fall up to the second fork heading east.
Easy at first but increasingly rocky with a couple of small boulders.
Next a stretch of sand and another short rocky stretch.
Now follow the sandy wash up to a saddle, as the wash gets too narrow to hike, move over to the side.

At the saddle there isn't a wash yet, so go cross country staying close to the drainage.
Once in the sand, keep following the wash downhill.
Striking is the high number of Big Galetta in this wash.
Close to the main Box Canyon wash a couple of boulders.
Follow the Box Canyon downstream to complete the loop.
A couple of minor dry falls, nothing to worry about.
Hiking counter clockwise will be by far the easiest route.

Speed and difficulty of this hike depends on the ability to navigate a rocky wash with some small boulders.
So for some this hike will be Moderate.

You find a plant list further down this page. Or a more detailed Plant list here.

How to get here:

Drive into the Coyote canyon (Di Gorgio rd)
Cross first crossing (normally dry), second crossing (normally wet) and park just before third crossing.
Generally the road is OK for cars with some ground clearance. Expect some soft sand and small rocks.

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