Anza-Borrego Desert: Ash Wash East loop

Rating *****
Length 3.7 mile (Round trip) - 2 Hour, 30 minutes (Round trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 1040 - 1650 feet
Access Most cars, park roadside just past First Crossing.

This is a hike up the North side of Coyote canyon, part of the terrain is badlands with a nice deep mud/gravel canyon.

This is a GPS only loop. Hiking up the wash (clock wise) is real easy, but further on it gets slightly rocky.
At the end of the wash, a bit of a scramble to get up the narrow ridge.
Now there are two options.

1) Go up the ridge and scramble down into the wash below (right). But, this is a very short route ending in a rather deep dry fall.
Going back the same way isn't that easy, so scrambling out of the wash (point "Scramble") on the west side is the best options, but still rather steep.

2) The more sensible option is to follow the ridge down and entering the wash at point "Wash". Next head back upstream towards the dry fall.

Now follow the wash down until it meets Coyote Creek (generally dry at this point) and head back towards the car.

How to get here:

Drive into the Coyote canyon (Di Gorgio rd)
On the dirt road up to First crossing you can normally drive any car with some clearance, but not always.

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