Anza-Borrego Desert: Horse Canyon

Rating *****
Length 5.9 mile (round trip) - 3 Hour (round trip). Easy.
Elevation 2870 - 3320 feet
Access High clearance 4x4, see below.

This hike explores Horse Canyon up to a couple of seeps/seasonal creek.

How to get here:

In Anza on Hwy 371, Kirby road - Wellman road - Terwilliger road - Coyote canyon road, all asphalt.
Turn right on Coyote Canyon Rd (dirt road).
Follow the dirt road as it gets rougher. Once in a while there is an old Coyote Canyon Rd sign.
In the bend of the road close to point "X Left" turn left and after a couple of yards you find an interesting Anza-Borrego State Park sign pointing to the left.

This is the rough 4x4 high clearance road leading into Upper Coyote Canyon.
Along the way there are 2 larger parking options, the road is otherwise narrow and turning might not always be an option.
Going down is tricky, getting up will be more challenging, especially the last part of the road that is steep and slippery. (close to point "Down")
At this point the location is called "Turkey track" as the joined washes resemble the track made by a Turkey.
Warning: There is no road maintenance over the years, so the road get washed away over time, making more gullies and exposing rocks and boulders.

Driving back isn't always as easy as getting in, make sure to remember the "road".
After crossing the wash, the "road" was rather easy to drive on, but there might be deep sand.
Point "Park" is close to were White Wash enters Horse Canyon.
Warning: Wash conditions can change dramatically, from easy to drive in the wash road, to extreme rocky.

The safe option is parking at "Park safe" a larger parking spot, before the road gets really interesting.
This adds about 2.7 mile, 2 hour to the trip.

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