Anza-Borrego Desert: Indian Canyon Bennis Bowl

Rating *****
length 5.8 Mile - 4 hour 20 minutes (Round trip), Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 1600 - 2480 feet
Access High clearance 4x4.

A scenic hike up Indian canyon into the Valley of the Thousand springs and Bennis Bowl.
The route is generally good to follow, expect no marking or a 'real' trail.
In the middle of Indian Canyon there is a (seasonal) creek that disappears and resurfaces a couple of times.

At point "Fork" turn west into a canyon dotted with palm trees.
There are probably only a dozen springs with generally no visible water.

How to get there:

Enter coyote canyon, drive to first, second and third crossing.
This part is generally good for any high clearance car.
After third crossing the road goes uphill on a stretch called boulder alley.
Road conditions on this stretch vary from good to very bad.
Don't even think about going up boulder alley, without knowing the state of the road. Unless driving a serious off road vehicle.

Once past boulder alley the road is generally pretty good and if you make it past boulder alley this should be a breeze.
Keep left on every crossing, following Sheep / Cougar canyon.
Park at the Cougar canyon parking.

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