Anza-Borrego Desert: North Olla Wash

Rating *****
Length 5.5 mile (round trip) - 3 Hour (round trip). Easy.
Elevation 1400 - 1900 feet
Access High clearance, 4x4 advised, see below.

A beautifully wash north of the Olla Wash, an area well worth the visit.

How to get here:

Take Split Mountain Road (asphalt) for about 8 miles.

Follow the road towards the Fish Creek campground.
Where the road starts is mostly in the middle of the wash.

Road condition vary a lot from year to year, but normally any AWD should do. The road is sandy with some rocks.

As soon as you see the wind cave sign on the left side of the wash (after 5 miles), keep in the same wash, by keeping a bit to the left.
The wash may be signed as "South fork".
Drive past the loop wash (twice), past the diablo dropoff (unsigned) exit.
Past the Sandstone canyon (signed) and the Olla Wash (signed) exit.

A detour slightly more difficult:
From the Wind caves sign: 2.5 mile first exit (start) Loop wash, 4.2 mile second exit (end) Loop wash.
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