Noble Canyon Loop

Rating *****
Length 5.7 mile (partial loop) - 4 Hour (partial loop). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 4050 - 5200 feet
Access Most cars, see below.

Continue along the the asphalt road, up to a gate.
Now turn left (south) on Deer Creek Park Road.
Take the unmarked old dirt road exit left, towards Noble Canyon.
From here on there is plenty of shade along the Noble Canyon Creek.
Head north/west along the creek and at some point cross the creek and follow the Noble Canyon Hiking Trail.

Warning this is a shuttle hike.
It will take an additional 15 minute by bike between point "Park Car" and "Bike or Car".
Or 45 minutes - 1 hour on foot.

How to get here:
Exit on the gated Pine Creek rd at mile 28, and follow the asphalt. Park at point "Park Car" just before a white gate.
There are several other spots to park and primitive campgrounds along the road.
The road is somewhat maintained, mostly a one lane asphalt road, with some gravel and potholes.
Some ground clearance is needed, especially on the parking close to the gate.

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