Anza-Borrego Desert: Rockhouse Canyon Loop

Rating *****
length 7.4 mile (loop) - 4 hour, 30 minutes (loop). Moderate.
Elevation 860 - 1640 feet
Access 4x4 advised, see below.

This loop, hikes up a fork next to Rockhouse Canyon Wash proper and eventually enters Rockhouse Canyon Wash.
Going clockwise, the hike follows a small drainage into the very scenic rocky hills to the north.

On the mesa, the trail meets the very popular Rockhouse Canyon loop, after a while the route leaves the beaten path, heading south.
Now the going gets a little bit more interesting, with some boulders to go around.

Almost back in the Rockhouse Canyon, a lot of huge boulders.
Take your time finding the easiest route, that is following the dry stream bed.
Don't start climbing boulders, when going around is that much easier.
Back in Rockhouse Canyon, follow the wash and leave it following a small drainage back toward the car.

How to get here:
Take the exit Carrizo Wash (south) and follow the wash road.
Watch out for soft sand while parking.

Disclaimer: Read this first before you start your hike. Contact: info/at/borregohiking/./com (leave out the /)
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