Anza-Borrego Desert: Bow Willows Rockhouse Canyon Loop East

Rating *****
length 6.7 mile (the loop) - 4 hour (the loop). Moderate.
Elevation 650 - 1280 feet
Access At mile 48.2 turn to Bow Willow campground, on an excellent dirt road.

One of the most scenic hikes you can find.
This is a GPS only hike, the route will be extremely difficult to follow otherwise.

Start hiking north/west, following the wide Bow Willow Wash.
Take the first canyon to the left, heading south.
Past the one palm, the first boulder encounter.

Otherwise, the route is in a sandy wash and considered easy, except for the short boulder parts.
Boulders getting bigger once the route nears the Rockhouse Canyon below. Follow the wash downhill and keep closer to the canyon wall, do not follow the Rockhouse canyon wash all the way down.

Once the route leaves the sandy wash, expect cacti in abundance, but not too dense.

At point "Xing Leave" there is a dramatic change in terrain, leaving the granitic rocks behind and going into gravel.
Follow a very faint trail, and head cross country towards a saddle.
This part might be the more difficult part of the hike.

Once at point "Sand" the hike is easy again towards the parking.

How to get there:

At mile 48.2 turn to Bow Willow campground, on an excellent dirt road.
After about 1.7 Mile, park at the end of the campground at the daytime parking, before the brown logs.
There is a daytime parking fee. ($10 in 2022)

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