Anza-Borrego Desert: Mason Valley Salt Creek Loop North

Rating *****
Length 6.1 mile (round trip) - 4 Hour (round trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 2010 - 2510 feet
Access All Cars roadside along the S2.

The hike heads cross country along the 'resort' and as far north private property allows.
Along the hill the route wanders, for a short while into private property, at this point there are no signs or fences.
The route eventually heads towards a coupe of closed mines or prospects.
Loops back over a hill and down a drainage.

If you notice fire damage, it was in May 2021, a small fire that went further north into parts of Mason Valley.

In the GPX file the BLM boundary is marked.

According to the map we used the route that is in State Park (tiny stretch) and BLM. That means there is still a small change that (part of) the route is on private land.
There are a couple of old abandoned fences along the route.

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