Palomar Mountain: Boucher, Thunder Spring Silvercrest Trail

Rating *****
Length 6.3 mile (loop) - 3 Hour, 30 minutes (loop). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 4680 - 5460 feet
Access All car, see below.

Take the Silvercrest Trail for spectacular views. At a larger parking lot, follow the road and hike up to Boucher Trail.
Try to visit the lookout tower, but the views are probably just as good from below.

Follow the paved road, which soon becomes a rocky trail.
Take the Scott's Cabin Trail and exit onto the Cedar Trail up to Doane Pond.

Hike around the small fishing pond to Thunder Spring Trail.
Take the Chimney Flats Trail back to the car.

Expect shade most of the way.

Warning: There may be small insects around, they didn't bite us, but they are really annoying most of the way.

How to get here:
Follow East Grade Rd or South Grade Rd uphill. Do not follow the park signs.
Take S7 and stay on S7 at the intersection. Turn left just before the Palomar Mtn General Store.
Park on the asphalt just before the Palomar Mountain State Park sign.
This is just outside the State Park, so parking is free (2023).

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