All roads

Download the roads in a kml file

This is a map of roads leading to most of the hikes.

Road conditions may vary from day to day, never expect a good road because you could easily drive it the year before, or even last week.
So even a road marked green may be impossible to drive on a certain day.
The colors and descriptions are an indication ONLY.

Green: Roads as good as they get.
Blue: A more challenging road, but any 4x4 with some ground clearance should be able to drive it.
Red: A challenging road, but any 4x4 with good ground clearance should be able to drive it.
Black: More difficult road, but I drove them, at a certain date, in a Subaru Forester or RAV 4. The only black road we were unable to drive: From The Squeeze to Heart Attack hill.

Deep soft sand is the thing to worry about. Were to expect deep sand:

Parts of the Borrego Badlands.
Carrizo wash, part of the Overland route.
Fish creek, some years.
Were you don't expect it...

Of course rocks, boulders, drops, may pose the biggest obstacle, but at least you can see them in advance.

If possible check at the ranger station, but make sure the data is accurate and the person you are talking to, knows his or her way around the roads you want to drive.
It happens that postings are months old, and no longer accurate.

As always be prepared for the worst, carry enough water, to last another day, in case you get stuck.
On some roads you may be the only one for .... days.

Cell phone coverage is even bad in parts of Borrego Springs, so expect no coverage at all were you are going.
I normally switch off my phone, on a hike, the only thing it does is draining the batteries.