Anza-Borrego Desert: Alma Wash

Rating *****
length 11.3 Mile - 5 hour 45 minutes (Round trip). Moderate, plenty of rocks and boulders.
Elevation 900 - 1890 feet
Access From Ocotillo Wells take Split Mountain Road - exit elephant trees nature trail on the right. You probably need a high clearance car to make it to the trail head.

Follow the Elephant Trees nature trail (only one remains at the nature trail).
After marker 6 leave the nature trail to the left.

Aim for the marker "Canyon" or take a look at the first 2 pictures and aim for that point.
There are countless washes running in that direction, so don't expect a wash running right up to the canyon entrance.
Keep shifting from wash to wash, a couple of rocky stretches up the the canyon in a westerly direction.

As soon as you get into the canyon proper, the rocks and small boulders continue.
Some short stretches with sand and small rocks, but not enough.

The canyon ends in "Starfish cove" a popular camp destination.

There are good stretches with shade in the canyon, when you start the trip as early as possible. (7:00 am is an excellent time)

All in all, one of the rougher canyons in the park, this is a strenuous day hike.

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