Android App Help

How to start
First read and accept the disclaimer.


To use the App off-line install one or more free maps, press the Install button.
Install map

Make sure you have a good WiFi connection.
Check any map you want to install and press "INSTALL MAPS":
Install map

Next wait for the maps to download and unpack:
Install map

Next go back and press "MAP (OFFLINE)":
Install map

Next press on the region you want to show:
Zoom in on the area you want to see.
Select region map

Click on the green markers to show the name of the hike and the on-line web page.

When you are actually present in the selected area.

Press the compass icon: Fix

Make sure "Show current location" is checked.
Next press "Zoom in on current location".
Zoom in

Show an imported GPX track

Place the GPX file the following folder: Phone\ab_hiking\track the exact location may vary depending on your device.

Press the overflow/settings icon: Settings
If you don't find the icon press the dedicated menu button on your device.
Now press "Show Track":

Now press: "Select track":

Select the GPX file you want to display.

How to record a track

Press the compass icon: Fix

Now press:
Make sure to keep the phone in the same location, moving around may slow down the process of getting a satellite fix.

Now go to:
Enable recording
The next dialog will pop up.
Start recording
Press OK.

Type in a name and press OK.
Recording name
The recording is now running and will keep running even if you exit the app.
Recording running

To stop recording press:
Recording running
Now press OK to stop the recording.
Recording stop

Make sure to export the recording within 2 weeks.

The next step is exporting the recording to a GPX file.
Recording export
The recording can be found in the following folder: Phone\ab_hiking\track the exact location may vary depending on your device.

You will find 3 files with your recording.
.log a log file, simple text file.
.cvs comma separated file.
.gpx a gpx file that can be read by most GPS software, like Google Earth, GPS TrackMaker.

If don't find the files, eject the device according to your systems instructions, and unplug it.
Insert the USB plug again.