Anza-Borrego Desert: Glorietta Canyon Loop 2

Rating *****
length 8.2 mile, 4 hour 30 minutes (loop). Moderate.
Elevation 880 - 2400 feet
Access Most cars, see below.

Nice loop in one of the forks of Glorietta canyon.

The road that leads into the canyon is normally pretty good.

Take the main branch of the canyon from the end of the road, its on the left.
The first part is easy, until the canyon narrows and boulders appear, now the rating of the hike goes to moderate

Keep close to the actual wash, you need to pass a couple of larger boulders.
The boulder stretch is short and a sandy wash reappears.

At point Saddle the canyon top is reached. It's a bit steeper on the other side.
More cat claw makes hiking a bit more complicated.

Just before the canyon gets too steep, go left to find a more attractive route, where it's slightly less steep. Try to follow more level terrain. Luckily the rocks and boulders are somewhat filled with sand, all of a sudden the dirt road.
The easiest way is to turn right and follow the dirt road.
We continued in the canyon wash up to the point where a sheer drop starts.
Hiking up following a barely visible road up the the dirt road.

Follow the road in an easy stroll rather steep downhill. To the right there is a very old steep jeep trail.
Take a small drainage, along old water pipes (They seem to have done some repairs recently (2015).
Continue downhill along the rocky wash, with plenty of small boulders.
While repairing the water lines they left the old pipes, sometimes blocking the path.

Once down, follow the mountains on the right up to the car.
The area has a healthy population of Cholla and other cacti, but not so dense that they pose any problems.

How to get here:
From the Christmas circle, take the S3, shortly after mile 9 turn right.(This is the second road, just past the road that runs next to a small utility building).
A high clearance car is recommended, but normally the road is suitable for most cars.
At the T junction, turn right and follow the road, disregarding the dead-end camping spots.

Older 2010 video.

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